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With news that Candy Crush Saga is netting $670,000 a day, from those Candy Crushers who are so dependent on the action they are paying huge sums to try out the sport, Britain's Daily Mail is claiming that this Great britain Office of Fair Trading wants guidelines on those games like Candy Crush that have exploitative game mechanics.

Candy Crush Saga is in no way the largest game on this planet at the moment. It's got 50 million Likes on Facebook, and achieved over Ten million downloads in December of 2012 alone. These days it is the very best grossing app in both Apple and Google's websites, in fact it is estimated over 45 million people participate in it monthly. candy crush saga level walkthroughs

Its premise is not hard: players are assigned a grid of different colored candies and have to horizontally or vertically swap the positions of two adjacent candies in order to create sets of three or more candies the exact same color. The action is divided into different, and increasingly more challenging levels, with assorted requirements before that level of cla is completed: players may need to remove certain ingredients, remove specific candies, or just reach a defined score.

Based on which version a new player plays - Facebook or Smartphone - you'll find around 500 levels, with an all new level added each week, thereby making the 'finish line' of Candy Crush an ever-moving goal post.

The true secret towards the financial success is the limited number of lives a player has, that happen to be lost every time a player fails at the challenge. With an inherent frustration in-built at the inability to solve a real seemingly simple game, this may lead some players to acquire lives, boosters and access which will help them fold or call and progress with the levels.

With many players reported as racking up debts of thousands of dollars as a way to play the game, there's a growing market for guides and systems which will help people have fun playing the game - and progress through the levels - much more cheaply.

The very best product is undoubtedly Crush the Candy. Manufactured by James Lee, a Candy Crush addict himself along with a master gamester, the on-line program provides every trick, tip and secret to help every player win at each level and attain the highest levels freely and simply. The database is updated regularly by both Lee himself along with a host of other super Candy Crush players - or rock stars as the gamester world call such experts. Basic information, any player could become a superstar themselves.

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