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Remaining in hotels might be all right if you are traveling on your own, but if you are going with colleagues or your family or in any type of group, remaining in a serviced apartment will most likely be preferable for several important reasons.

Serviced Apartments Tend to be more Economical

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For starters, serviced apartment minute rates are typically lower than hotel rates while apartment units are usually bigger than standard accommodation because they may come with one, two or three bedrooms. What this means is if you're going with an organization, its likely to be more economical to stay in a serviced apartment with a couple of bedrooms (to ensure that everyone can have some privacy) instead of book a couple of individual hotel rooms that may end up being on several floors or in various areas of your accommodation.

Moreover, typical serviced residences well as a completely stocked kitchen. So if you're traveling as a family with young children, you are able to cook your personal meals and never be worried about children misbehaving in restaurants or otherwise liking the restaurant food they ordered.

Short stay serviced apartments Are a Better Method to Collaborate and Socialize

If you are traveling on an important business trip or focusing on a task with colleagues, remaining in separate rooms in hotels will probably mean the only chance to collaborate offsite together come in expensive hotels restaurant over breakfast or diner, in a taxicab towards the client/project site or by booking an expensive meeting room in the hotel business center.

Instead, it could be preferable to book a large apartment where everyone has their own private room, but high is also a common area (or rather a kitchen or diner having a large table or perhaps a living room area) to informally meet and collaborate before going to an important meeting or client site. In that way, you aren't wasting time calling your colleagues to determine why they have not come down to breakfast yet or aren't ready to leave yet.

Likewise and because an average serviced apartment (especially a sizable one) will have a "common area" separate from the bedroom, it would be also easy to have more informal meetings or gatherings with either clients or friends that you'd not otherwise be able to have in a tiny hotel room.

Moreover and if you are traveling with your family, you will appreciate having the extra space and privacy that comes with a large serviced apartment as possible send the children to the living space when you will work or perform a conference call in the privacy of the sleeping area or vice versa. Serviced apartment units will also typically be equipped with the most recent entertainment amenities beyond just cable television and maybe even something extra for the kids (e.g. games or toys etc) could be provided by special request - meaning you can keep the whole family happy.

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